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About Softvise

Leading 3D computer graphics technology
for large and complex engineering projects


Softvise is the maker of Softvise Cadmium, a 3D Software for project verification and decision support.

Additionally, Softvise provides engineering services for engineering and construction projects for which the application of Softvise Cadmium brings significant additional benefits.

Established 2014 in Ilmenau

Softvise was founded in 2014.

The company is located in Ilmenau, Thuringia, right in the center of Germany.

Ilmenau University of Technology

The company founders have started their professional careers with the completion of their master's or PhD theses in computer science at the Technische Universität Ilmenau.

They have all contributed significantly to the success of several research projects in the fields of Virtual and Augmented Reality, high-end 3D visualization on standard PCs or smartphones, digital libraries and image processing.

Software Development

Softvise develops its products mainly in C++, HTML5 and Javascript but also in C#, Java and other languages.


The Softvise staff – company founders included – have a combined experience of more than two hundred years in making computer graphics software.

Before the formation of Softvise they contributed to design and development of software systems for handling and 3D visualization of large-scale CAD data that are in service at international key players of the automotive, aerospace and marine industries.

Selected Customers

Our products and services are appreciated by

Amberg Loglay
Daimler Truck
Deutsche Bahn
JEN Jülich
TU Dresden
Zeppelin Power Systems

Solution Partnerships

Gottfried Roosen

Senior XR Consultant

Gottfried Roosen is providing consulting services for XR visualisation, collaboration, simulation and quality gates for major companies in the automotive, aerospace, chemical and capital goods industries.

He has been the organizer of the yearly XR Symposium at SRH Hochschule Heidelberg since 2011.

Gottfried Roosen XR Consulting


XR Technologies, Media Technology, Display Walls, VR Systems, XR Equipment, HMDs and Tracking

IMSYS has been one of the leading XR agencies for consulting, planning and project development of digital work environments for over 20 years.

The company specializes in well-coordinated media concepts, planning services, implementation, maintenance and service solutions for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality environments.


Schneider Digital

Professional 4K/8K, 3D Stereo and VR Hardware Solutions

At Schneider Digital you get your optimal hardware solution for demanding professional use with the highest system requirements in the areas of 4K/8K, 3D and VR/AR.

Schneider Digital

Solidline (HCV Data)

PLM System House

After more than 25 years of being a subsidiary of Solidline, PLM, Mixed Reality and Smart Manufacturing specialist HCV Data Management has been integrated into the parent company.

Solidline provides a wide spectrum of innovative solutions and services including PLM, product development, Digital Twin, Smart Factory, AR/VR, digital manufacturing, IIoT and 3D printing.



The Professionals in 3D Technology

VRLOGIC offers turnkey solutions for high-end stereo visualization demands by integrating software and hardware.


Technology Partnerships

Amberg Loglay

Amberg Loglay

Amberg Loglay provides breakthrough and radical solutions for logistics processes and applies these to challenging construction and city logistics projects.

The company is operating its own cloud-based software solutions and provides management consulting for designing and implementing visionary digital business models and processes.

Softvise and Amberg Loglay jointly develop algorithms and tools to prepare 3D, BIM and project data for strategic and operative decision making.

Advanced Realtime Tracking

Advanced Realtime Tracking

Advanced Realtime Tracking is one of the leading manufacturers of premium optical motion tracking systems for Virtual and Augmented Reality. Additionally, the company provides advanced object localization technologies for various industrial applications.

Softvise Cadmium has integrated direct support of ART's DTRACK tracking software. Additionally, Softvise and ART are in continuous exchange about developments in 3D technology that are relevant to both parties.


D.E.T.BAU is a community of interest of subject matter experts from various software companies and planning offices who have made it their mission

  • to complete the BIM idea,
  • to recommend feasible software solutions for the entire lifecycle of a building and
  • to implement and attend to the application of these solutions.

Schneider Digital

Schneider Digital

In addition to its mission as a full service solution provider, Schneider Digital is producing the 3D stereo display 3D PluraView, the 3D laser powerwall smart VR-Wall as well as various performance workstations.

Softvise and Schneider Digital are maintaining a constant exchange about trends and developments in the market.

Softvise Cadmium supports all 3D stereo products of Schneider Digital and provides selected functions that take advantage of their specific features.

Amberg Loglay
Advanced Realtime Tracking
Schneider Digital
Amberg Loglay
Schneider Digital