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Engineering Services

Softvise Cadmium provides groundbreaking functionalities that were not available previously or were not available at speeds that allow for their smooth application in day-to-day operation.

Having adopted Softvise Cadmium, many of our customers chose to optimize their processes, sometimes at a small scale or sometimes at a larger scale.

As a consequence, Softvise has been asked to not only provide installation and training support but also help directly in tuning specific stages of the process chain.

Maintaining the Digital Twin

In essence, Softvise Cadmium is a powerful tool to maintain a Digital Twin consisting of 3D models from various sources including 3D CAD data, airborne or terrestrial 3D laser scans and GIS models with their associated alphanumerical data.

Our engineers help to design and implement efficient processes for creating, updating and utilizing the Digital Twin.

3D Model Lifecycle Management

Tool chain for gathering 3D data, file formats, meta-data specifications, update and sharing of data

Decision Support

Data analysis and reporting for finance, scheduling and resource planning

Coordination of Trades

Management of engineering conflicts and construction progress monitoring

Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality

Quality management, as-built vs. as-planned analysis, Failure mode and effects analysis

Software Development

As the maker of Softvise Cadmium and its underlying computer graphics and model database technology, Softvise is in the position of developing customer-specific features.

Depending on the project, these features find their way into our products or remain for exclusive use by our customers.

Feature Requests

Softvise treats feature requests by its customers with top priority.

Features implemented so far include, among others, support for new file formats, generation of sectional drawings and functions for scheduling and resource planning.

Hardware Support

The work with Softvise Cadmium often benefits from using specific hardware like stereoscopic displays or Virtual Reality headsets and input devices such as the SpaceMouse.

Hardware support that has been added include the 3D PluraView, the zSpace and various game pads.

Custom Applications

Softvise has complete flexibility to create customized versions of its products.

Development so far include tools for object recognition, model simplification, generation of artificial X-ray images and 3D visualization frontends to Artificial Intelligence systems.

Selected References

Roche pRED

Data Analysis for Construction Logistics

Softvise has supported the digital construction logistics experts at Amberg Loglay with a multitude of data analyses of the 3D Digital Twin of Roche's Pharma Research and Early Development Center (pRED). The four buildings were erected between 2019 and 2023 in Basel, Switzerland.

Daimler Truck

Tools for Digital Factory Planning

Softvise has completed many projects for the Digital Factory Planning team at Daimler Truck, most of them in the fields of coordination of trades, construction progress monitoring, as-built vs as-planned analysis and Scan-to-BIM.

Forschungszentrum Jülich

Dismantling of a Nuclear Research Facility

Nuclear disposal company JEN Jülich, in co-operation with Amberg Group, started the project with a highly detailed and precise 3D laser scan and a 3D CAD model derived from that scan. Softvise provided tools and process insights for maintaining the resulting Digital Twin.