About Us

Experts in Handling of CAD Data in Production Environments

The members of the Softvise team worked in the years before the formation of Softvise for international market-leading key players of the automotive, aerospace and marine industry.

By contributing to design and creation of software systems that handle large-scale CAD data arising in these businesses, they have gathered their outstanding expertise.

At that time, the team members have developed advanced 3D visualization tools which run seamlessly inside existing computer-aided production planning solutions.

Softvise has vast experience in handling 3D CAD data from all major sources, Softvise knows what the production designers need and respects the constraints set by production environments.

Experts in Computer Graphics

The Softvise staff – company founders included – have a combined experience of more than one hundred years in making computer graphics software.

All have started their professional careers at university while completing master's theses in computer science. They have contributed significantly to a variety of research projects in the fields of Virtual and Augmented Reality, high-end 3D visualization on standard PC or smartphone hardware, digital libraries and image processing.

Softvise is programming in C++ and Java.