3D Visualization Technology

Big data

Complex products can have many million parts. The production facilities required can be even more complex. Such are design processes and operations management.

Spend engineer's time on engineer's tasks

Softvise offers a unique 3D visualization technology that allows engineers to access complete large-scale CAD models interactively without obstructions and delays on standard desktop PCs.

Real-time 3D visualization suite

Now available: Softvise Cadmium

Main features:

  • Real-time 3D rendering of even the largest of CAD models
  • Unrestricted navigation through the model at interactive speeds
  • Latest and most advanced 3D rendering techniques for highest visualization quality
  • Support for CAD data of all major formats
  • Integrated handling of CAD data, 3D laser scans and GIS point data sets

Available soon:

  • High-level scripting API for effortless integration into existing solutions
  • Low-level C/C++ API for first-hand access to all visualization functions
  • ReST API to connect with business process automation and simulation tools

See a preview demonstrator featuring seamless interconnection of 3D visualization and business process automation:    Wind park monitoring


Softvise has outstanding expertise in making computer graphics software for computer-aided production planning.

We can help you streamline your existing visualization system, we open up new technologies for you and write any C++ or Java program you might need.